As If Dropping the Soap Is a BAD Thing

The son of the governor of Kansas has created a board game called Don't Drop the Soap. From the website:

Fight your way through 6 different exciting locations in hopes of being granted parole. Escape prison riots in The Yard, slip glass into a mob boss' lasagna in the Cafeteria, steal painkillers from the nurse's desk in the Infirmary, avoid being cornered by the Aryans in the Shower Room, fight off Latin Kings in Gang War, and try not to smoke your entire stash in The Hole.

The artistry of each handcrafted piece is matched with comparable humor & intelligence on every card. Stack your smokes, sharpen your shank, and get ready for an experience that only someone on the outside could appreciate.

Funny? Offensive? Mind-bogglingly neutral? You decide.

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  1. Wasn't I just talking about living in Kansas last week?

    Now you see what I mean.