"Attracted by Its Tune Wind"

Since Jukebox Stories musician Brandon Patton is almost as obsessed with Googling himself and checking his Web stats as much as I am, he recently discovered that Chinese sites have been encouraging visitors to listen to his songs. Since such sites are in Chinese, Brandon put one page through an Internet translator, and this is how they describe his music:

Had found this person in the From Summer website, held the point of view which tries to download his special edition "Should Confusion", the result on has been attracted by its tune wind, on the fresh guitar main axle was twining the richly colorful element, was popular, , the village, knight even also has purely does smiles, looked resembled at will arrangement actually to let me have one kind of very relaxed feeling, specially "Auspicious Moment", the song arrived behind has linked he all in dissolute smiling.. Ha-ha, after listens to the noisy metal in brief was inferior to listens to him, rerealizes that kind of pure...

I would probably think that's the best review ever—if I understood it.

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  1. That's awesome!

    And how jealous am I that Brandon got a review of his work in "engrish?"