Brain Cells or No Brain Cells

I can't stop watching Deal or No Deal. I know I know I know it's lame and it's ridiculous how they can stretch such lameness out to a whole hour. Comedian Nick Swardson puts it succinctly: "It's just a guy pointing to fucking briefcases!" Swardson's hilarious bit on game shows is captured via audio here:

But I'm telling you. It's exciting! Once you start watching, it's hard not to watch the whole episode. And it's hard not to go online and try to find a Deal or No Deal computer game. And it's hard not to play it again and again and again:

Click to Play Deal or No Deal! Click to Play Deal or No Deal!


  1. the english version is even better!

  2. Thanks Prince. I've never watched Deal or No Deal, but now I've wasted 2 hours of my time playing it online for zero chance of any actual money. I also started smoking again while I was playing it. Again ... Thank you.

  3. Quin, how is the English version different?!

    Susan, glad I could be of assistance.

  4. well, first of all, they have accents.

    then, they have celebs (english ones) on occasion with the briefcases, and they dress in costumes. for example, the christmas show had them all in christmas carol costumes... the regular briefcase holders aren't as full of silicon as the american ones are...

    it's, i don't know... more involved? i don't watch the one here.. over there, i'd be yelling "oh, noes!! what are you like?!?" at the telly in excitement.