Chester Copperpot's Death Was Not in Vain

Are you ready for news that will make your week, if not your whole month? Ladies and gentlemen, after more than 20 years, Mezco Toyz finally brings us Goonies action figures! I know about half my readership just crapped its pants and rightfully so.

The rollout of the first set includes the following characters with these hilarious accessories:

Mikey—with map, Copper Bones, Spanish Doubloon, alternate hand with inhaler, and bag of marbles

Data—with Bully Buster, Pinchers of Peril, sticky dart, and dynamite

Chunk—with statue of David, milk shake, and piece of pizza

Mouth—with lantern, hair brush, pirate sword, and pirate treasure

Sloth—with pirate hat and pirate sword

Your life just keeps getting more and more complete, doesn't it?

[Thanks to Angry Asian Man for posting this.]


  1. More exciting than me being psyched there are Goonies action figures, is my 9 year old just looked at that picture and said "hey I know who that is, that guy's one of the Goonies..."

    Maybe the future is safe after all....

  2. OMG, I want all of them!!!!

    And Prince, guess who bought The Goonies on DVD for her own Christmas gift...that's right, me.

    Hell to the yeah!

  3. p.s. Pinches of Peril...I always thought he was saying pinches of pow...learn something every day.

  4. The Goonies crosses generations, genders, races--it's truly a cultural pehnomenon.