There's an endless number of things for me to complain about (man, don't even get me started), but one sticks out in my mind. Let me pose a question. Is it okay for filmmakers to make movies that are physically unwatchable? The nonstop shaky handheld camera gimmick of the film in question made me dizzy, nauseous, and sick to my core. And the vomit that was splattered on the carpet on my way out of the theater (by an audience member who was unable to make it to the restroom in time) was evidence that I was not in the minority on this issue. As for the rest of it, like I said, don't even get me started. Please. And thank you.


  1. I enjoyed this movie thoroughly ^__^

    perhaps your seat was too near the screen ?

  2. Go watch "In the Name of the King" and please do bitch about it.


  3. JP, no, I was in the middle of the theater like I always am! My reality TV editor friend who watches shaky stuff all day long and who regularly goes to crazy experimental films said it was almost the hardest thing he had ever had to sit through. (The hardest was some 20-minute avant-garde thing with continuous wavy lines or something like that.) YOU must be invincible!

    CD, I will NEVER see that movie. Sorry.

  4. I read that the shaky quality was similar to the Blair Witch Project. That alone was enough for me to think, "Pass!"
    I still remember feeling queasy from a combination of the Blair Witch camera-shakes and too much butter on my popcorn, BLEAH.

  5. I only get taken to one movie a year, if I'm lucky, and that is just not going to be it, if I have anything to say about it. Used food on the carpet, ew.

  6. omg

    i finally saw this.

    i know, you said "don't go, don't go"

    but, i went anyway.

    they couldn't die fast enough for me, and when they did die, i didn't get the pleasure of seeing them die.

    and not a zombie in sight.