Contest Winner! Prince's Haircut Cost Revealed!

And the winner of Bamboo Nation's latest contest is "The New Me," who blogs over at Coyote Tales, and I hope he craps his pants in excitement because I know how much he likes that. (Or did I misinterpret his comment? "You, Prince, as you get older, will one day also understand that the notion of crapping ones pants is not necessarily a draw for us seniors.")

When I lived in the Castro District of San Francisco, I couldn't get a decent haircut for under $40. But now that I'm in Glendale, the cost of living is lower, and a high-end haircut runs me exactly $29. "The New Me" was just one dollar off with a guess of 30 bucks.

Congratulations! E-mail me your mailing address, and I will send you the grand prize: that freaking amazing 2008 Pop-Up Ancient Egypt Calendar!

Thanks for entering, everyone. A new contest is on the way soon.


  1. i still say we do a pop up calender of zach.

    we'd rake in the bucks.

  2. damn. I was waaaay off with my guess.

    Congrats to the winner of this week's challenge.

    What's next?