"Details" Turns Tween Idol Into Emo Boy

Yeah, I'd tap that.

...On another note, in Details magazine's new interview with Zefron, the writer reports:

Somewhere in the world, right this second, a little gay boy is making a plastic Zac Efron kiss another plastic Zac Efron. Bizarrely, the actor's two biggest roles so far have both led to the same non-biodegradable immortality. The High School Musical "Troy Bolton" doll version of Zac Efron was followed by its own doppelgänger: the Hairspray "Link Larkin" doll version of Zac Efron.

Doll kissing?! That's sick! (But thanks for the idea, journalist!)

...And, finally, I just love Details' short video interview of Zefron. When they ask him who his first celebrity crush was, he claims he didn't have any...and then he starts yammering on and on with wide-eyed wonder about Leonardo DiCaprio. Seriously.... Seriously hot! Yup:

[Thanks to Golfwidow for sending me this.]


  1. You did a lot of homework. I had no idea there was a video. I was just amused by the thing on the sidebar that said "Make Going Gray Sexy", and that only because I misread it as "Make Going GAY Sexy."

  2. Sterling1/20/2008

    Isn't Zac BEAUTIFUL! Well, he could use a shave. But other than that, perfect!

    P.S. New Celebrity Crush: James Marsden! Saw him in 27 Dresses, he was gorgeous! Not as hot as Zac, but still.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE James Marsden. How did you like 27 Dresses? I'm on the fence about seeing it.

  4. Hmm. Well, it was fairly predictable. But I'm a sucker for nice, predictable romantic comedies, so I liked it. Whatever your qualms about the rather shaky plot, it is worth seeing, just so you can ogle James Marsden for 2 hours or so. 'Cause he is beautiful.

  5. Sterling, in case you haven't seen this, here's a spread you will love.

  6. You guys are slow - I was crushing on James Marsden after Hairspray, whereas you were in full Zac attac.

  7. No! No! James Marsden was mine since Disturbing Behavior! 1998! Pwned!

  8. Oh my lord. Thank you, he is even more beautiful in nice clothing!

    Oh, and I bought the Details. The spread is fun, the interview moreso. Have you read the article, Prince? There is a nice anecdote in there from Nikki Blonsky that had me howling over my coffee this morning.

    However, hot though Zac is, some of the models in Details make him look like he is in my league. I love these mags.

  9. My copy of Details just arrived in the mail yesterday. And, yes, I love how Nikki and Zac SCREAMED together and watched Grease. Ha!

    As for Zac being in your league, it's true. Did you not understand the deep lesson of Hairspray? If Nikki Blonsky can get with Zefron, then ANYBODY can get with Zefron!

    Keep hope alive.

  10. HA well Prince you left something out of the equation. Nikki=girl. Zac=doesn't like girls. Zac=hot.

    Put all these together, and you get Zac doesn't like girls, therefore Nikki can't be a baseline.