Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Sunday, January 13, 2008
Speaking of The Magnetic Fields, their entire new album is now streaming for free on their MySpace page. Remember: start with "Drive on, Driver," "Too Drunk to Dream," and "The Nun's Litany." Distortion will be officially released on Tuesday, and, goddammit, because of my schedule, it looks like I will be unable to catch one of their upcoming concerts in L.A. or San Francisco! Curses!
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  1. Gazetteer Said,

    Thanks PG!

    (where's that schedule taking you anyway?)



  2. jeff Said,

    So... does that mean I shouldn't tell you about the San Francisco show afterward? :-) To be fair, being in the front row will give me a bad sense of what the audience is feeling, since they'll all be behind me.


  3. Gazetteer, I thought you would like! Alas, my Jukebox Stories performance schedule bars me from concert-going. I must entertain, rather than be entertained!

    Jeff, you bastard. I am jealous. I think there might be a window of opportunity for me if I fly to L.A. for one night.... Damn! I don't know. Bastard!


  4. howard ho Said,

    I really dig "I'll Dream Alone."


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