I Won! I Won! I Won I Won I Won!

Remember that ScholarPoint video contest I entered, the one about student loans? Well, I must express my sincere thanks to everybody who watched my video (thereby upping my view count), rated it (thereby increasing my star ranking), and, especially, left a comment (thereby propelling me into the final round)—because I just won the grand prize of $5,000!

When I found out, I cried tears of triumph and practically crapped my pants in excitement. I mean, all I had was a cheap still camera that happened to take video, a crew of one (me), and the editing program that came with Windows. And because of my mad genius (or, at the very least, brazen enthusiasm and streak of frightening opportunism), ScholarPoint is overnighting me a check today.

Regardless of your involvement with my video, I've found a way to reward my Bamboo Nation readers because you all give me a daily dose of encouragement in sundry ways—encouragement that has built to a point in which I feel can do things like pull down my pants, shoot that, and, with no hesitation, enter it into video contests. I'll make a special announcement about your reward in the coming days.

Anyway, show ScholarPoint some love by visiting their website, would you? I have to thank them for loving me so and choosing me!

And I have to scream once again: I won! I won! I won I won I won!


  1. I can't say I knew you were going to win, but I did know that, had you not, I was going to have to throw down, because your video was the best one.

  2. "...and practically crapped my pants in excitement." Better you than me, and Congratulations.

    P.S. I LOVE my calendar.

  3. Congrats! Wouldn't it be ironic if you used the $5,000 to pay off your student loan?

  4. OH YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Fantastic news, Congratulations. :-))))))))

    *Doin' the happy dance for ye*

    ps thanks ;)

  5. Congrats, Prince! That's so exciting (and I'm getting a great lesson in opportunism from you too :)

    And it's still a cute video.

    The Guess-Pork-Chop's-Weight Winner

    [More contests! More! MORE!]

  6. Whoa! Prince, congrats! I'm happy for you. Now, you can buy more crack.

  7. are our checks in the mail?

    yeah, i thought so.

  8. Hey! That's awesome, possum!
    5K ain't nuthin' to sneeze at, not even in this day and age!
    Well done, and well deserved!

  9. Congrats! You could reward us with... Pork Chop! Yeah... I'm so psyched for Jukebox Stories! Eek!

  10. Sterling2/01/2008

    Sweet! I haven't won any contests, except for guessing how svelte you are. Pay off some debt! Or convert it to Euro and keep it.

    Damn it! That stupid Google Blogger thing didn't auto-log me in! I don't remember my username OR my password!

  11. You know, I think I'm going to convert my money into Singapore dollars and then try to spend them in Tiajuana. I mean, those Tiajuana male prostitutes can't tell the difference, right?

  12. I knew that, even if you didn't win, your video by far was the most deserving. I can't believe people actually win things, you know, for doing stuff. Congrats!

  13. Isaac beat me to the punch -- I was going to say the exact same thing: howsabout parlaying some of that cash into some new Pork Chop vidoes? I've been complaining to all your Facebook cronies about the dearth of new vids.

    And by the by, is that THE Isaac??

  14. Jesse, thanks! Where you been?!

    Mead, I don't think you know THIS Isaac. As for more Pork Chop videos...stay tuned. Muah hah hah hah!