I'm Ironing My Sweater Vest Right Now

Hey, people, you're slacking off! I cannot believe my inbox was not flooded this morning with reports about how the deal is sealed for High School Musical 3: Senior Year, which will be released theatrically on October 24, 2008. All our favorite not-gay cast members will be returning.

Seeing this movie in theaters with an audience full of aggressive tween and teen girls will be wholly different from me sitting at home yelling "gay gay gay!" at my TV screen. I could die. Be warned.

I have nine months to weasel myself into the premiere. Any ideas?


  1. Two words: False Eyelashes. Either they'll think you're dressing up as Zac Efron or they'll decide you're related to Brenda Song.

  2. Every case is more convincing when presented in the form of a song. I'm sure you could sing into some publicist's answering machine.

  3. Write and pitch a hard-to-resist script for HSM4!
    Need ideas? Good Lord, just follow the inevitable template of "Saved By the Bell: The College Years."

  4. Sterling1/16/2008

    Prince, did you see that Zac denied, once and for all, that Perez Hilton is wrong and that he is not, in fact, gay? I cried. Celebrities don't lie, right?