It's All Because of "24"!

I'm much too lazy to make any firm decision about which presidential candidate to support yet, but there is something rather remarkable about Barack Obama's win in the Iowa caucuses (which, admit it, even you don't fully understand), in a state that's 92% white.

The only viable explanation here is not that younger voters gave Obama a boost, but America was eased into the idea of a black president by watching one on TV week after week. I'm talking, of course, about 24, a show that has had not one but two black presidents in office!

If Geena Davis's cancelled woman president series, Commander in Chief, had survived, perhaps Hillary Clinton wouldn't have taken such a beating.

You see how 24 may very well be the most important show in the United States?! Bring it back, mofos! The future of this country depends on it!


  1. I like your line of logic ... is america reallly in love with 24 as I've heard ??

  2. Wait, the principal from the last season of Buffy is the president on 24? Man, I really have been missing the boat...

  3. Jason, the WORLD is in love with "24"!

    Lap, for the love of America, catch up! It's all on DVD!

  4. Best fictional female president: Mary McDonnell on Battlestar Galactica!