Los Angeles, Can I Get a Hell Yeah?!

I've always loved Genghis Cohen, that venerable Chinese restaurant on Fairfax and Melrose in Los Angeles—which also happens to feature a small performance space on the other side of the bar. I've seen Mare Winningham there a couple times, marveling at her ability to play Petula Clark's "Downtown" on the dulcimer—I'm not kidding. Mare is an Oscar-nominated actress (Georgia), who also happens to be a terrific folk singer (and often called "the fat chick from St. Elmo's Fire"—I'm paraphrasing from a concert long ago). How lovely is this song?:

I was also surrounded by scary teenage girls once when Tyler Hilton performed there. He's all kinds of hotness, so I endured the evening and the smell of girl sweat. Here's sort of what it was like, though this clip (of a great tune called "The Letter Song") is from a different venue:

Anyway, it's official! After the six-week run of Jukebox Stories: The Case of the Creamy Foam at Impact Theatre in Berkeley (starting February 14, 2008), Brandon and I will be doing two nights at Genghis Cohen. Where the hell else can you get stories, songs, games, prizes, booze, and Chinese food in one place? You can't. So, L.A., gimme a "hell yeah" and mark your calendars!

I've placed handy ticket-buying links to the right of this blog. And those of you who read Bamboo Nation through a reader, visit my real site sometime soon 'cuz it's so pretty!


  1. You know, Mpls is a heck of theater town..I know you are getting used to Mpls expats moving to you, but I think Jukebox Stories should TOUR!

    Which is to say, I am jealous and wish I could go to see you at Genghis Cohen..

  2. alissa1/08/2008

    Hell Yeah Prince!! Can't wait to see it again! xo, alissa