The Mind of the Ethnic Buyer

I don't know what I want. Fortunately, a new marketing study on ethnic car buyers does. Research concluded, when shopping for a car, I want something "Pleasant yet Powerful, Easy Going yet Protective—all with modern design and technology." An Acura MDX would do perfectly fine. After all, it's all in my "vehicle DNA." I'm not kidding. We all have "vehicle DNA." And no matter how many times I mention "vehicle DNA," I will always use quotes around "vehicle DNA." The study also says:

Differences that clearly stand out with African Americans are greater desires for success and the ability to show it. African Americans are much more likely to advocate vehicles that express their individuality and success to family and friends. Latinos have a greater concern for the impact on the environment while also exhibiting a greater desire to experience exhilarating driving and performance than others. Asian Americans have stronger demands for a balanced, complete vehicle performance and style that matches their lives.

Well okay then.

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  1. Does being half Asian mean I should buy a hybrid?