Musicians Can Admire Neatness Too

Jukebox Stories: The Case of the Creamy Foam doesn't open for another couple of weeks, but Brandon flies into town tonight, which means I have to clean the apartment (so he can eat off the floor), do some laundry (fresh towels would be kind), take out the trash (the kitchen is like a swamp pit), and change the sheets on the bed he'll be sleeping in (who knows what kind of man juices are soaked into the current sheets?). I know Brandon doesn't care about such niceties (he is, after all, a musician), but I feel the house should be somewhat presentable.

Since he'll be sleeping in my office space, the Zac Efron calendar will be staring him down when he goes to bed at night—which means, for him, I should make sure there's a bucket on the night stand in case he wants to throw up. You see, guys who write tender love ballads called "Munching the Cooch" and make breakup albums about girls cannot even come close to understanding the fine art of manppreciation.


  1. Leave that calendar up. Anybody who writes anything called "Munching the cooch" should be forced to look at it. Friend or no. I'm sure he's a wonderful guy, but...eww!

  2. Make him look at Zac. Actually, I would be playing Hairspray on one screen and HSM on another. Drown him in it. I would also recommend printing some hi-resolution pics of Lucas Grabeel in his cute HSM outfits. That should be sufficient.

  3. I must have missed "Munching the Cooch." Brandon is hereby commanded to sing that song when I am in the audience. I'll be the one yelling "MUNCH THE COOCH!"

  4. i had my first zac dream the other night, and i totally blame you. it was in the desert and he had a van full of zac merch he was selling.

    no one got naked, oddly enough.

    btw i'm going to SF to see scotty heimers in march, but your show is not on those days, dammit!

  5. The New Me & Sterling: You guys are EVIL! I love it!

    Moose: OMG! That will be your favorite song EVER!

    Michael: I wanna have your dreams! ...And extend you SF stay!

  6. munching.


    Demand that Brandon come up with an original composition for The Case of the Creamy Foam, for us Butt Pirates, maybe "Choking on Your Chimichanga," or "Wolfing Down That One-eyed Willie."