Revisiting Boy Bands: LMNT Equals Multi-Ethnic Deliciousness

Comprised of guys who got booted from MTV's Making the Band (the season that O-Town came to be), LMNT (2001-2002) was a short-lived boy band that featured an Asian guy and a black guy! No wonder they only lasted one album and one decent single—America wasn't ready for interracial man-lovin'! (Okay, there was no evidence of man-lovin' goin' on, but, I mean, c'mon, look at those boas!)

"Juliet" is an incredibly cheesy high school pop song, but it's pretty catchy. And don't you find it rather curious that it's the Asian guy who has the Matrix-like martial arts fantasy in the following music video? Ah, one step forward and one step back:

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  1. Hey Prince, was this that "laundry mat shoot" you did many moons ago? Are you in that video somewhere, LURKING? Hot=diggity-dog!