Revisiting Linda Brady: Where the Hell Are You?!

Brandon is always trying to get me to listen to vagina music, and the occasional Dar Williams song will strike my fancy, much to my own chagrin. But, in actuality, I'm not theoretically opposed to vagina music as much as you think.

In the mid-1990s I saw a singer/songwriter named Linda Brady open for my favorite musician of all time, John Wesley Harding. Accompanied only by her acoustic guitar, she had a lovely voice, and her songs were alternately biting, sweet, bitter, and hopeful. She had girl power when she wanted to, but could just as easily collapse like a wounded bird. And those songs were damn catchy.

Her 1993 self-titled debut album is indeed one of my all-time favorites. Alas, she never released another album, and she sort of disappeared off the face of the earth. You all know how adept I am at stalking people online, but, seriously, I cannot find out anything about what happened to Linda Brady. Did she leave the country? Retire? Get sucked into an alternate dimension?

Her album is out of print and rare, but used copies can be purchased online at places like Amazon. The track that kicks it all off is the bouncy and sweet "Fear of Rejection." Hear it now.

And if Linda Brady ever reads this: I love you, I miss you, and I wish you would put out more music. And if you're still in Berkeley, come to my show so I can pull you on stage and play a song! Please? Please please please!

(And to my readers: it's really not that farfetched that I might track her down though the Internet like this. After all, that's how Brandon and Jukebox Stories came to be!)


  1. as a friend of dar's, i wonder what she'd think about being called "vagina music"...

    well, only one way to find out!

  2. Ha ha! Make sure she knows that "vagina music" is a term of endearment! :) (And I love that "Christians and Pagans" song.)

  3. i'm sure she'd find it funny. and yeah, that is a great song. there's another song of hers that's been wildly misinterpreted, when in fact it's about a guy that both of us dated, consecutively.

  4. (1) What's the name of that song?

    (2) Brandon really does try to educate me in the world of "vagina music," and he finds it ironic that I gravitate toward Dar's work because she may the most vagina-y of them all! Holy paradox, Batman!

  5. it's called "as cool as i am".

    ohmigod, there's a video! who knew, guy in video is not THE guy.

  6. How can it be misinterpreted?

    It's about THREEWAYS!


  7. dammit, you cracked the code!