Sir, Yes, Sir!

The New York Times just ran a terrific and oddly moving story about a Juilliard student who took Laura Linney, Tracie Thoms (Death Proof), and David Denman (The Office) to a military base near San Diego to perform theater monologues in front of a bunch of Marines and their families. No one really thought the program would fly, but:

Laughter came slowly at first. A row of marines squirmed, appearing to debate whether to leave. But they did not. Nobody did. People began laughing loudly. When it was over, after less than an hour, some even complained that it was too short.

How cool is that?

[Thanks to Isaac at Parabasis for posting this.]

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  1. I love that his original idea was to do True West for troops overseas! Genius, and I love that he kept going and revising until he finally got feedback from the marines themselves...