A Triumph of the Human Spirit

I know that the people in those Jon Krakauer books (Into the Wild, Into Thin Air) have to face grueling tests of endurance and psychological stamina, but, when I look for thrilling stories about man versus nature, I gravitate towards heroes such as the two cleaning women who got stuck in an elevator for two days—with nothing to live on but two cough drops and six aspirin, according to Associated Press.

Beata Bartoszewicz and her mother, Roma Borowski, entered an elevator in an empty building in [a] Chicago suburb on Dec. 22. After the elevator doors closed, the women discovered they were stuck on the first floor of the two-story building.

There was no response from an emergency call alarm and the women couldn't pry open the doors....

Neither had a cell phone or water and the building wasn't due to open until after Christmas.

The duo became dizzy from hunger. "I was close to thinking I was going to die," Bartoszewicz said.

The women tried to sleep on their coats and used a corner of the elevator as a bathroom....

Two days later, on Christmas Eve, an employee of the building happened to go to work. Borowski said she heard him talking on his cell phone. The women yelled for his attention and he heard them.

It was a Christmas miracle and a triumph of the human spirit! Suck that, Krakauer!

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  1. They had to use a corner for the bathroom?? OMG. That's surviving!...