Bitter? Sweet!

Patrick A. has been telling me about Trivia Night at The Bitter End on Clement Street in San Francisco for months and months now. He often IMs me in a post-trivia drunken stupor to tell me how I must come when I'm in town. I think he just wants an Asian on his team. It scares opponents, and it's good for the math questions.

Trivia Night is pretty casual. Your team can have as many members as you want, and your team name should reference Tim's Mom (Tim is the host) and a lewd sex act if you want to win Best Team Name and free shots. (Last night's winning team name was "When You Hear a Bell Ring, an Angel May Get Its Wings, But Tim's Mom Always Takes a Load in the Face.") You fill out your answer sheet as the questions are asked (questions that Tim, apparently, makes up himself from hours of Wikipedia surfing), and your neighbors score your sheet. There are two rounds of general trivia, one round of music trivia, and one round of picture trivia. The winning team takes $30 and bragging rights. I know because a member of the winning team came over to our table (our team was me, Patrick, Joe R., and Elissa S.) to make fun of us. And in my head, I played a fun little game of "Is He Drunk, On Coke, or Gay?" Sometimes it's hard to tell.

Despite the fact that I think I'm horrible at trivia, I did make some positive contributions, not the least of which was unscrambling this—AACITSHVUL—to form the name of a city in California. (The answer is posted in the comments section.)


  1. The answer...the answer...the answer is CHULA VISTA, bitches! Eat that!

  2. BOO!
    I thought it was a one-word city name.
    Oh, alright, it was just easier to click on the comments section than to actually give it any thought or effort, yesiamthatlazy.

  3. Hey! That bar is just down the street from my place.

    You should also try Genko's bean paste and green tea ice cream hmmm....goodness.

    But hey, let me know next time you're playing trivia and I'll go cheerleader/smack talk, whichever is needed.

  4. Patrick2/22/2008

    Be proud of how well we did Prince!! The winning teams had at least 5 people (some had as many as 10) and we still tied for third with only 3 people.

    You're asian? Why don't you ever mention that?

  5. Patrick, I am very proud at how well we did. But I want bragging rights next time!