Celebrating the "Boo"; Or, Recapping Jukebox Stories 02.14.08

You know that I'm dedicated to my art because I was willing to miss Celebrity Apprentice for tonight's preview performance of Jukebox Stories: The Case of the Creamy Foam, which was UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE. The audience was jovial and enthusiastic (could it be the special free tickets, cheap bastards?!), and there were many memorable moments: the guy who perfectly delivered my Adam Ant reference punchline at the right moment; the prizes I threw at people's heads; the groans of disgust while I made myself a sandwich; Brandon and my improvised recollection of our, ahem, psychedelic experiences; and one brilliantly juvenile joke that caused the audience to mock boo in retaliation, which in turn caused me to laugh uncontrollably for an uncomfortably long amount of time.

Speaking of Adam Ant, how is it that Brandon has never heard "Goody Two-Shoes"? Never forget, okay? NEVER FORGET:


  1. Was it just me, or did the last bit of that video totally flake out?

    Anyway, I used to play backup kazoo on that song when we'd sing it in the car, but it wasn't my favorite Adam Ant song. Stand and Deliver was.

  2. You actually made the sandwich?! I'm sorry I missed it.

  3. I need to reacquaint myself with Mr. Ant and his music. I find him bizarrely attractive. It kind of makes me sick.

  4. Wait! I missed cheap free tickets?! Instead, I was seeing Tony Kushner's rather boring Slavs! for free last night, ick.

    I was on the Berkeley campus Wednesday night, but no Prince stalkage occurred.

  5. patrick2/16/2008

    Still one of my favorite shows of all time in the universe!

  6. Jeff, so so sad for you. Truly.

    Patrick rocks my world and takes me to great pizza places.