Contest Winners! Prince's Hair Care Products Revealed!

Boy, oh, boy, figuring out the three hair styling products in my bathroom in Bamboo Nation's latest contest was a lot harder than I thought it would be. It was perhaps even more challenging than Deal or No Deal, which is why many people went down in flames during game play. I currently possess American Crew Tea Tree Defining Paste, got2b Playful Texturizing Creme Pomade, and Short Sexy Hair Control Maniac Wax.

Fortunately, "Jeff W." and "Ange like Or-ange" made a valiant effort and got two out of three. However, both of them got the tie-breaking question wrong, so they remain tied. So here's what I'm going to do. I'm taking the top two Amazon gift certificate prizes, adding them up, and dividing by two—which means both of them will receive a $37.50 gift card. (Send me your e-mail address!)

A bunch of people got one out of three right, but only one person, "Carrie P.," guessed the tie-breaker—my current favorite brand is got2b. So she wins the $15 gift certificate. (Send me your e-mail address!)

That leaves a $10 Amazon gift card that goes to nobody, so I'll save it for the next contest and it's winner take all.

Thanks for playing, everyone! Congrats to the winners! And my hair has never looked better!


  1. Sweet... my methodology was to pick which product had a sassy name that might make Prince smile whenever he saw it, figuring that's as good as reason as any to initially buy something and then, if they worked, he kept buying it.

  2. i use the same stuff.

    what do i get, aside from great hair?