"Courageously Expanding Your Vocabulary" BY GOLF WIDOW, GUEST BLOGGER

[Prince's Note: To satisfy my large Jewish readership (and Jewish wannabes), blogger Golf Widow temporarily takes over Bamboo Nation to give you a very important lesson.]

I have temporarily infiltrated Prince's dominions. I have a hot pink lipstick, and I'm writing "I LOVE YOU!!!!" all over everything.

He's just that awesome.

Unfortunately, I'm only vaguely awesome, but, fortunately (for you), Prince tends to keep his posts short unless he has news or else he posts a YouTube for your edification.

I don't think his site has enough references to the Yiddish language, so here is a Yiddish lesson for you—because this is the sort of thing you should have at your disposal when reading the blog of a homosexual Thai playwright:


There won't be a quiz, by the way, but only because I expect to be ousted within a few minutes and won't have time to grade anything.


  1. Thanks for the education, Golf Widow. When I had to look up how to spell "verklempt" the other day, I knew I wasn't doing my quarter-Jewish roots proud. Now I can hold my head high.

  2. such a post.

    i'm verklempt.

    the buttercup, neither dairy nor dish... discuss.