Football or No Football?

I almost watched the Super Bowl. But it didn't happen. I mean, c'mon, I know Rent word for word—me watching football would be a contradiction in logic.

Brandon kept planting Super Bowl seeds in my mind all last week, in the hope that I would watch the game with him. His attempts at persuasion culminated on Saturday, when we happened to see a rerun of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. It was clear that he was out of his element, but his enthusiasm and charm made up for his lack of polish. Oh—and he's a HOT PIECE OF ASS. Brandon thought this fact alone would be enough for me to spend Super Bowl Sunday with him, but, alas, I spent the day typing "Tom Brady shirtless" into Google and clicking the afternoon away.

A couple days later, I stumbled across a picture of Giants quarterback Eli Manning, and he's a HOT PIECE OF ASS too.

Football games would be easy on the eyes if they didn't have to wear helmets. Or clothing.


  1. But as odd as the silhouette is, football gear, especially shoulder pads, are really hot too. But you're right. It would be optimum if they could play in the uniforms sans helmets.

    I like the qb for the Giants, he's sexy enough to make up for the fact he beat the sexy QB from the Packers to win the Superbowl.

  2. here is my football question of the week...

    what do they wear under the pants?

    i can't see any outline of underroos or anything, and i looked very, very closely.


    in the name of costuming, of course.


  3. Try soccer. Try Iker Casillas of Spanish team.

    Much, much easier on the eyes.

  4. Mmmmmm. Soccer players...

  5. I also know Rent word for word. I also did not watch the Superbowl. Sometimes it's more fun to sing the fast part of "La Vie Boheme" than it is to defy expectations.

  6. You typed in the words "Tom Brady shirtless," and then posted a photo of him wearing CLOTHES???

    One of my stock answers used to be, "No, I have no idea which two teams are playing, but I know the names of all the Spice Girls."

  7. You know, I think I might enjoy soccer because, as I have found online, sometimes their naughty bits flop out of their shorts. Sweet!

  8. Indeed...they do......mwahahahahhaa!!