Give Me Your Allowance; Or, Recapping Jukebox Stories 02.15.08

Despite my deeply cynical exterior, I must express gratitude (Oprah told me to keep a gratitude journal, and I always do what I'm told) to everybody who was at the opening night performance of Jukebox Stories: The Case of the Creamy Foam. The full house was boisterous, joyful, and fun to perform with. We talked about High School Musical quite a bit, which probably turned a lot of people in the audience gay in a matter of minutes. You'll thank me for that later, by the way, because you'll come to realize how FABULOUS it is.

I was so pumped that after the show I had to have a late-night breakfast at The Original Mel's on Shattuck, which I soon discovered is no longer The Original Mel's because of some corporate something-or-rather. (I don't know the whole story, and I'm too lazy to go to Wikipedia right now to find out.) They actually (rather poorly) scraped off the "Mel's" letters, and the restaurant is now called "The Original." You can still see the faint outline of "Mel's" on the side of the building. It's SO trailer park. (Before you boo that last comment...F-U! My mom lives in one!)

I do have to give special acknowledgement to all the Maybeck High School students who like us so much that they continue to come to our shows and part with their allowance and leave candy under the couch. (Brandon ate some, and I was like, "Cooties!")


  1. if you're always do what you're told, try this:

    "put on youtube Jukebox stories" :)

  2. You and Brandon rocked tonight (2/16/08) -- you were both FABULOUS! It made me quite gay. I yelped you, too.

  3. Ah man. Not only did I miss Jukebox Stories, but I missed High School Musical discussions, too. I am so bummed.

  4. JP...YouTube...we shall see....

    Dana, I'm glad you turned gay for at least a little bit. And thanks for the mad props!!!!!

    Amy, your MAGICAL friend was at the show! Are you jealous?!

  5. Horny teenagers, live theater performances, AND late-night pancake breakfasts ? ! !

    I'm melting into a desperate puddle of my own drool, here.