I Hope She Never Finds This Blog

You will understand why my sister is an endless source of entertainment when you listen to "My Sister's MySpace Profile," one of the two free tracks now available on the Impact Theatre website for a limited time. As some of you know, that particular piece required absolutely no creativity on my part. All Brandon and I do is read my sister's actual MySpace profile word for word. It's amazing.

The other free track is Brandon's funny, moving, and epic "Mixed-Up Modern Family," which will convince those of you who don't already know that he is a genius.

Both tracks are from our upcoming CD, Jukebox Stories: The Official Bootleg.

Listen now because I am seriously going to ask them to take that first track down soon for fear of familial retaliation.


  1. What's she gonna do, out you?

  2. It might amuse you that I had to stop listening to The King and I movie soundtrack album (on vinyl) to rush over and immediately listen. It was totally worth it too.

  3. Cheshire, "Revenge" is my sister's middle name. You just don't wrong a girl like that.

    Lap, I'm glad you found pleasure in my inapproriateness.

  4. Sterling2/09/2008

    HAHA OMG this IS hilariouS!! I mean, I LOVE this LIKE hardcore.
    Thank god my sister doesn't have a profile like that, I would hack it and delete it. No offense, but that's just sad.

  5. Dear Prince -I'm usually not entertained by scary things, but that was indeed entertaining.
    I have a sister who once said "I love hats!", a line the rest of the sibs mock relentlessly. However, that sister is in her 50's and is a crazy prescription drug addict. My brother is a republican, so I have no contact with him at all. Congrats on just the one!

  6. remember, revenge is a dish best served cold, my friend.

    wait, i'm sorry.... let me do it in sisterspeak...

    revenge?? it's a dish BEST SERVED COLD!!!