I Miss You THIS Much

I know that I'm often shockingly candid on this blog ("Must he write about self-fellatio again?!"), but I must use this entry to be even more honest than usual.

I've been a bit depressed.

Anybody who has seen my Weighing Pork Chop video series and has thought about the kind of relationship that Pork Chop and I must have in order to produce such a series together would surely know that we love each other very very much. He is the closest thing I will ever have to having a human baby, so I treat him with what some would call an unusual amount of care and affection. Pork Chop is also a very social cat. Though he meows little and doesn't clamor for attention like some high-maintenance animals, he does enjoy being interactive with people.

Although I very much appreciate being up in the San Francisco Bay Area for about two months (after all, I will always consider SF my home, and Jukebox Stories has been so gratifying on so many levels), I really really really miss Pork Chop. He has been such a significant part of my daily life for several years now that I truly do feel like a part of me has been missing since I left L.A. And as the days and weeks progress, my longing to spend some time with him just gets deeper and deeper. Pork Chop is one of my best friends.

I also worry for his well-being. Loren, of course, is terrific with Pork Chop, but he works like a 50-hour work week, which means Pork Chop is left alone for long periods of time without the social interaction that he craves.

It's becoming common to find me in bed, thinking about Pork Chop, clutching a pillow, and trying not to cry.

Fortunately for me, I haven't had too much time to suffer because I've been occupied with performing Jukebox Stories: The Case of the Creamy Foam; doing a series of adjunct events; teaching playwriting to high school students; developing a new educational theater tour for a school district; attending the plays of friends and colleagues; and trying to catch up with old and new friends when I can. All this leaves me seriously behind on the film work that I left hanging when I left L.A. Which is to say that when I'm not depressed about Pork Chop I'm panicking about the things I have to get done.

In my home in Glendale, I don't panic. When that feeling starts, I just lean over to Pork Chop, kiss him on the forehead, and know that everything will be all right.


According to YouTube's counter, you've already seen this like 11,000 times, but I must repost it in honor of my child:


  1. Anonymous2/28/2008

    Can you go get your baby and bring him home? I went a away for a writing job once and had to quit because I missed my cats too much. Everyone thought I was nuts, but in the end, it was the only thing that made me happy.
    After that I swore to never leave them long term again, even if it meant taking a job changing drool cops in a Republican rest home.

  2. Anonymous2/28/2008

    your cat is fine. people come over and visit him. he has a new toy that he loves. there are many sunny spots theat he sits in. he is very happy. he told me that he wants you to do a good job with your show and your writing. he also said it might be nice if your wrote something nice about Loren once in a while.

  3. awwww, hope you meet him again soon. and make more episodes of Weighing Porkchop :)

  4. Whenever I am feeling blue, I play this video. Never lets me down. Sorry you are mising your baby. Sounds as if he is being well taken care of. Maybe Loren will *hint* put together a little video for you from Pork Chop?

    ; )