Murky Outlook

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Friday, February 22, 2008
My entire schedule for weeks and weeks and months and months is meticulously detailed on my Outlook calendar on my computer. This morning I accidentally deleted something that I had scheduled for March 6, 2008, and I don't have the "undo" option to recover it. I don't remember what it is, and it's driving me CRAZY. Does anybody know? I know I have a show that night, but what else? Do I have a meeting with you? Are we supposed have lunch? Were you scheduled to suck me off? WHAT?! I'm having a minor panic attack, as I sometimes do.
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  1. Quin Browne Said,

    it's hrh's 20th birthday.

    were you going to send her a present?


  2. Cheryl Said,

    Sometimes I think I'm the only person left without a Blackberry or an iPhone or some little gadget that will upstage me at parties. Glad to know I'm not alone.


  3. The New Me Said,

    oh sure! THE day I'm supposed to blow you and you delete me...thanks a lot!


  4. Marisela Said,

    Isn't that the day the Mayan Calendar ends?

    You know, the end of the world.


  5. Isaac Said,

    OCD much? I wish I were more like that. Not the panic attack part though =). Anyways, try working it into one of your shows. Maybe the audience knows... Tricky bastards.


  6. Peter Varvel Said,

    We're supposed to be scheduled IN?!! Is that why I haven't gotten to suck you off, lately?

    Some things ya gotta keep old school/low tech.


  7. You guys, you don't understand the level of psychological panic I'm experiencing! It's like one of those dreams where you dream that you're out in public with no pants!


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