My Friends Are Gonna Get Laid Over and Over Again

Filmmaker Gabriel Fleming, who drags me to concerts by Icelandic weirdos, is going to get a lot of ass. That's because his new movie, The Lost Coast, was just accepted into the South by Southwest, the prestigious film festival in Austin, Texas, where there's lots of ass to be had. I've been wanting to tell you for weeks, but Gabriel forced a press blackout upon me until the official announcement—as if I'm not official. What a bastard! I held your boom mike on Halloween in the Castro, mofo!

The movie stars former Bay Area residents Ian Scott McGregor (who some of you will remember from my punk rock musical, Emophiliacs) and Lucas Alifano (who's done a reading for me before). Both actors are terrific, and, as an added bonus, you can easily spank it while thinking about them.

But wait! The talent of my friends floweth over! Nerdcore Rising, a documentary about MC Frontalot and the nerdcore hip-hop movement, is also in this year's SXSW festival. Jukebox Stories' own Brandon Patton happens to be bass player Bl4k Lotus in the Frontalot band and appears quite a bit in the movie, revealing him in all his nerdy glory. The Entertainment Weekly blog just did a cool write up about it. And as one fan puts it: "Frontalot raps about all the things I care about, like Magic the Gathering and internet porn addiction." Look at these nerds, who are also bound to get some ass:

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