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Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Wednesday, February 13, 2008

[Thanks to Peter at Plastic Bubble World for sending me this Internet ad he found.]
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  1. golfwidow Said,

    I have five million comments for this, none of which are not offensive.


  2. Cheryl Said,

    The beautiful Asian bride looks kind of pissed, don't you think? Like, "Get your tongue out of my ear, fucker."


  3. Oh...none of you think this is romantic?


  4. Quin Said,

    interesting they never offer handsome asian husbands.

    even more interesting peter can't open blogs at work, but, he can web surf and find this stuff....


  5. Peter Varvel Said,

    I don't mind admitting that this is one of the regular ads for a website I drool over on a daily basis, at work, no less (especially since the IT buggers have blocked me from accessing blogs).

    Hunky Asian man candy--take a gander:

    Click on any name in the top right column to see more!


  6. Madley Said,

    Boy, THIS one's right my alley today... barrummpppphhhhhhhh


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