The Odds of Nerdiness

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Monday, February 04, 2008
Since Brandon arrived in California last week, this apartment has been a hotbed of creativity. We've spent long days hashing out the concept and structure of Jukebox Stories: The Case of the Creamy Foam, creating and rehearsing new material, and exacting demands upon the Impact Theatre staff, like police "caution" tape, fluffers, and lube. (I'd be happy with one out of three.)

Our creative streaks do, however, sometimes spiral into lengthy periods of nonsense. Through divine providence, my weekly obsession with Deal or No Deal has rubbed off on Brandon, who finds the show fun and suspenseful. So intrigued by the mathematical probabilities involved in eliminating suitcases and fluctuating banker offers, he stayed up until about 4AM a few nights ago, trying to figure out the Deal or No Deal "formula" by punching numbers on a calculator while playing the game online and while reading thorough Internet forum postings by math students. (He reached the conclusion that banker offers follow a general formula that takes into account remaining suitcases, averages, and odds, but the banker strays from that formula by studying the character of each player to determine the likelihood of what they're likely to do.)

Guess what's on tonight?
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  1. Solia Jacobs Said,

    have you played "Meal or No Meal" online? it's kinda fun. it's the same concept except with food. the $ 1 million prize is a strawberry cake. :)


  2. Amy Said,

    Brandon is going to be like the guy who figured out the No Whammy game, went on the show, and one it all.


  3. michaela Said,

    ok, you guys better keep practicing. We're coming on the 15th and are 19 people so far and I'm sure there'll be more signing in everyday as long as there're still tickets available. They'll kill me if you don't make them laugh their asses off, as I promised ;-) (oh, the pressure, the pressure - lol)


  4. Quin Said,

    and i thought i was bored at night, playing 'talk football or no talk football?' when the grips are gathered on the set.


  5. Solia, that game sounds awesome! A new thing to get Brandon addicted to!

    Amy, yes, Brandon is obsessive like that. And he's probably already figured out Press Your Luck (which I loved as a kid!

    Michaela, I can't wait. It's gonna be great! But you're scheduled for the 16th, not 15th, right?!

    Quin, ah, grips. What do you expect?


  6. michaela Said,

    you're right, of course, the 16th! And we've got a few more people added since my post.


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