Bloggers Got "Foam" in Their Mouths

Despite the fact that Jukebox Stories: The Case of the Creamy Foam has received little attention from the mainstream press, I do believe our attendance is up from last season (I knew all those lap dances would yield future returns) and people have been telling me that the show is funnier and even better and biting than the first (time does wonders in turning you more bitter at the world).

I must express sincere thanks to the blogosphere, which has been keeping the buzz on the show healthy and consistent. So, thanks to the following fabulous bloggers (so far) who have seen the show and written about it (click on them to read more, oh, so much more, about Creamy Foam):

Something Like a Chicken Sandwich

Our Intrepid Hero

Direct Address (Tim Bauer)


Variations on a Theme (Marisela Orta)

Jeff Greenwald

Bombshell Brandy

Moose in the Kitchen

The Volcano

And additional thanks to enthusiastic Yelp members!

Keep 'em comin', folks!


  1. Prince, your face was in my mail box this morning.
    one of the jukebox flyers has shown up in my mailbox in irvine.

    it is now on my bulletin board.

    woo hoo.

  2. That's so cool. You can pretend to be talking to Brandon and I. No, we won't think you're crazy. Your roommate might. But we won't.

  3. oh, i past that point with them long ago. especially because i'm repeating quotes from my current director who pretends he has lobster claws and asks for candy.

  4. 2 of those blogs belong to my boyfriend!