Boston, DC, Minneapolis, New York--Can I Get a "What What!"

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Monday, March 24, 2008
This entry is full of unsubstantiated rumors.

Jukebox Stories toured to Boston and New York last year, and Brandon and I had such a great time that we're planning a triumphant return this June—with stories and songs so sexy that you're bound to cream your jeans. (Isn't that the true measure of artistic success, really?) So, Boston and New York, can I get a "hell yeah!"? I swear if you don't come to this show I will break into your house and hump your pillows.

Because I'm feeling rather adventurous and a bit frisky, we're going to add two new cities to our 2008 tour, Minneapolis and Washington, DC—Minneapolis because I'm already going to be at the Asian American Theater Conference, and Washington, DC, because the best strip club experiences I have ever had have happened in our nation's capital.

According to my blog stats, I have many readers in Florida, but I assume you're all retirees who never leave your nursing home—so Jukebox Stories, alas, will skip Florida. And so ends our 2008 tour.
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  1. When are you gonna hit Asia anyways?


  2. Amy Said,

    Hell yeah! I'll be sure to round up some folks to partake in the wonder that is Jukebox Stories.


  3. silver18 Said,

    That's bullshit. Just don't go to south Florida, that's where all the sedentary retirees live. I know that people would come to see you in North or central Florida, say somewhere around Orlando. You just can't take the heat, is my personal opinion.


  4. LAP Said,

    No,no many nearly sedentary retirees live in Central Fl too, in Okeechobee in particular, I know because I visited my retiring parents (who are boating and everything but sedentary and yet live in a neighborhood name Ancient Oaks)there just last month.

    But here in Mpls we have to move to stay warm!

    Whoop! WhooP!


  5. howard ho Said,

    I've got my tickets for Saturday! I'll remember to wear a diaper just in case.


  6. Darn. So looking forward to the Jukebox Stories here in Palm Beach Sunny FL...oh well....


  7. On behalf of the Capitol of Red Sox nation may I say, Hells Yeah!
    And yes, inspiring jeans creaming is surely the pinnacle of artistic success.


  8. Quin Browne Said,



    i think my panties are wet.

    no, wait... that may be incontinence.



  9. OMG! I didn't know my Florida readership was so vocal. You geezers know how to use the Internet enough to leave comments? Wow! I'm impressed!

    TBDA, you should know better than to make a sports reference. I have no idea what city you're talking about. Madison?


  10. do you have an email list or something?


  11. WATCHWHATHAPPENS, I'll put you on our list--what city are you in?


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