"Details," You Make Life Worth Living

Details is quickly becoming one of the most spankable magazines on the newsstands. The March 2008 issue boasts Hayden Christensen on the cover and between its pages—handily erasing my troubled memories of Awake and Jumper and renewing my faith in the man who will father my children. Click on the following pics to engorge, er, I mean, enlarge:

For the record, Details reports: "He's also, just as predictably, been the subject of speculation that he's gay. He's said on the record that he's not. He's also said he doesn't mind people's thinking he is. He knows they'll talk either way."

Oh, yes, I'll talk all right, Mr. Christensen. And I'll keep on talking until you impregnate me—and like it!


  1. So does this means you have broken up with Efron........?

  2. Dear God I have to stop checking this blog while I'm in the office.

    I can't sexually abuse myself on campus its not allowed.

  3. CD, I have a stable of crushes. After all, a celebrity spank list isn't a list unless it's a long list.

    TNM, I'm sure your students are abusing themselves on campus. Have you checked the bathrooms?

  4. Those last two look a lot like Patrick Alparone...

  5. I noticed the Alparone parallel too! Sweet sweetness.