Did You Hear Me?!

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Thursday, March 20, 2008
There was a piece of information in a previous post that people either missed because it was embedded in between parentheses or because it was so provocative that people thought I was kidding. Let me repeat: I'M GOING TO AN ALL-NIGHT, LOCK-IN RAVE ON FRIDAY. Me, a man who hates parties and is generally socially awkward (despite my online and onstage persona) is going to AN ALL-NIGHT, LOCK-IN RAVE. Apparently, it's very hard to get invited to this thing, and Brandon had to fight for exclusive invitations. Well, I've got one, and I'm going, and Brandon says that I need to go for the experience: "You need experiences. Otherwise, you'll run out of things to write about. You're going to end up blogging about blogging. 'The other day I was blogging...'."

And maybe he's right. After all, I started this blog post by referencing another blog post. (But is that so wrong?)
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  1. LAP Said,

    I've never been to anything like that, but I hope everyone surrounding you is happy, so happy that you can find everything and everyone funny and be as happy as they are. But something about the idea of a rave reminds me of the movie Go, so maybe you will seeing people pushing Benadryl as acid...


  2. Cheryl Said,

    Party like it's 1996!


  3. Amy Said,

    Have fun watching the drugged out people dance and beware of anyone wants to lick your forehead (true story).
    It should certainly give you something to blog about!


  4. Peter Varvel Said,

    Wow, you're so young and hip! . . . well, you will be, for one entire night.
    Can I fondle you?


  5. Harvey Said,

    I have never seen anyone looking like they were enjoying themselves as thoroughly as Prince working to deadline in the middle of a bunch of party people. Strangely, I understand this kind of tenacious work ethic and project-obsession.
    Did you have a good time? Was it what you thought it would be? I'm glad you were there. And thanks for feeling my boob. (Okay, I sort of forced it, but you were already having your boundaries pushed, so . . .)


  6. Well? Did you make it out alive?


  7. The rave, the rave, ah, the rave.... I must let it sink in a bit before I report on it.... But soon, dear ones, soon.


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