Don't Put Broccoli in There; Or, Recapping Jukebox Stories 03.06.08

There is a band from Spokane, Washington, called Paper Mache that's been on a nationwide tour and traveling around in a GM van that runs on vegetable oil. (I don't fully understand vegetable vans, but someone did inform me that those vehicles cannot run on broccoli, as I had previously assumed.) A couple weeks ago, their van broke down, and the dearth of vegetable van mechanics in the area have left part of Paper Mache stranded. The lead singer bravely forged ahead to do gigs solo by hitchhiking rides, leaving the guitarist and drummer waiting an unexpectedly long time for their van to be fixed and roaming the streets of Berkeley in a existential daze. (By the way, the photo you see here is nice and symbolic, as the stranded pair are in the background here.)

Why else would the duo end up at the Jukebox Stories Open Mike Night on Wednesday to strum on two guitars with the drummer adopting vocal duties? Brandon and I were so blown away by the two's performance that we invited them make a guest appearance at last night's Jukebox Stories: The Case of the Creamy Foam. For Brandon to give high praise to anything is pretty amazing, so these guys are objectively damn good. (And I would be remiss if I didn't mention that they're also scorching HOT. Like, OMG-I'm-spanking-it-now hot.)

Joe (drummer and temporary vocalist and guitarist) and Chris (guitarist) performed two songs smashingly, with Brandon accompanying them on makeshift drums (using a guitar case and a hotel desk bell) on one of them. Earnest yet inviting lyrics and lovely melodies rock my world.

Check out the full Paper Mache
, even though I keep telling Joe and Chris to form a little side project just so they have something to do when abandoned in the future.

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