Hot!; Or, Recapping Jukebox Stories 03.20.08, 03.21.08, & 03.22.08 (Closing Weekend)


How about me firing rounds into the air crazily like an NRA member, using a fake gun and a bag full of those toys that pop when you throw them onto the ground?

How about Brandon Patton surprising a pregnant woman with a lap dance after one show when we overhead her from backstage complain that we didn't fulfill our promise of giving pregnant women lap dances?

...But my absolute favorite moment?

How about that hot straight guy on closing night who let me grope and kiss various parts of his body for prizes (I like to call them "bi-curious rewards") and delivered onto my lips and into my mouth perhaps the hottest kiss I have ever had, which lasted an unusually long time and which made the audience go crazy. Ladies, track that guy and his tongue down—I guarantee you that he can make your vagina feel special. (And in order to reassert his masculinity, I bet he'll give it to you good!)

Many thanks to our rockin' audiences, to people who showed up multiple times during our run, to Impact Theatre (Cheshire, Diana, Jon, Melissa, Read, everyone who ran box office, various interns and volunteers [Steve, Ben, etc.]), and to all the new friends we made. It's been a blast and certainly one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. I feel so fortunate to be able to share my stories alongside Brandon and his brilliant songs, to make people laugh and think and feel moved, and to inappropriately touch various audience members, much to their surprise and secret pleasure. You all should try it some time; you'll like it.


  1. I've trimmed and shaved my bits in anticipation of the L.A. performances . . . but, alas: I am not straight (or should that be 'a lass?')

  2. I'm glad I had the opportunity to see the show so many times hang out with you all. Such a fun time. Hope you guys come back.

  3. Your show was rather delightful. I'm glad I got to see it (twice!) Here's to a good run, and a fitting ending! Cin cin!

  4. Peter, being not straight puts you at a definite disadvantage.

    Alan, right back at you. Thanks for all the support and the new friendship.

    Fenia, thanks so much--and keep fighting the good fight at Cal. Rock!

  5. so much fun. i'm sad i couldn't have been up here sooner. but my big question right now is...