The Man Behind the Men Behind the Art

Our beloved Loren just finished directing a short documentary about these amazing graffiti artists in East L.A. (some of the best in the country) who created a beautiful mural using nothing but spray paint (it's unbelievable!), based on the movie La Misma Luna (Under the Same Moon). The doc is a fascinating look at the work, artistry, and detail that goes into painting a mural; an interesting look at the community in which it was created, where gangs tagged the wall in the mural's early stages; and a loving tribute to a movie about a Mexican boy who crosses the border to find his mom.

If you've got 12 minutes to spare, this short is totally worth your time and unexpectedly moving—I love the mural's "reveal" at the end. Leave high ratings and/or comments on the doc's Fox Searchlight page (job security!):


  1. What a handsome pic of Loren!

  2. You totally didn't even say we'd see you in the movie either! Such uncommon restraint from you Prince!