"Princess Leia and Prince Gomolvilas Do Some Deep Dishing"

I retract my previous comment that my new show with Brandon Patton is not getting attention from the mainstream press. It just takes them a few weeks to catch up and write about us in relation to Star Wars royalty:

Read the East Bay Express review of Jukebox Stories: The Case of the Creamy Foam.

It boasts perhaps the best pullquote ever: "showmanship bordering on hucksterdom." When we actually cross over into hucksterdom, we will know that we have arrived.

(Speaking of Star Wars, I love drawing the ire of my sci-fi nerd friends by insisting that Return of the Jedi is the best Star Wars movie because of those wonderful, heroic Ewoks. Yub-nub!)


  1. i even registered so i could comment.

    now, that's a friend.

  2. Wow. This review really made me not want to see 'Wishful Drinking.'
    I would've left a comment, too, except I haven't seen your show ,yet.
    Oh my god--you're touted as being better than Carrie Fisher!
    You ARE da man!

  3. Quin, going that extra mile for your gay boyfriend. Thanks.

    Peter, oh you've SEEN my show.

  4. That review does glow for you, and if anyone still doubts your love for High School Musical, I would think that you embracing "hucksterism" as a compliment should settle the whole issue completely.

    I would travel to CA to see your show, but probably not Carrie Fisher's. And I like Carrie Fisher, but she's no Prince.

  5. Kudos on your kudos.

    Do you also love the Ewok Adventure and Return to Endor? Star Wars classics in their own right.

  6. Anonymous3/06/2008

    Prince owns both the Ewok Adventure and Return to Endor on DVD! this is true. I have seen them.