Sushi Instead of CDs

Scott Heim touched down in San Francisco today, and that bitch went to Amoeba Records without me! How can you deprive me the joy of standing over your shoulder impatiently during the second hour of you circling the bargain bin?!

Instead, we had sushi with a friend of his, who happens to be an award-winning photographer—but they are photographs that you cannot show your mother and they are awards that your mother wouldn't even know existed. (Yes, it is what you think.)

Scott reads from We Disappear Tuesday night at Books Inc. on Market Street. I'm there. If I can find a cape, that's what I'll be wearing.


  1. i didn't see you at the heim thing
    :( there WERE a few asians there, but i was sure i'd recognize you. i'm not one of those white assholes who says "oh they all look alike!" i mean, my kinda BF is from vietnam!

    i had a special candy bar for you...

  2. Michael, I was sitting in the back at the magazines. Before the reading, I was immersed in reading about Hayden Christensen in Details. Then after, I said bye to Scott and had to take off. Work. You should've screamed, "PRINCE! WHERE ARE YOU?!" You now know for next time.