All Dressed Up and Nothing to Say

As East West Players' 42nd Anniversary Visionary Awards Dinner was wrapping up tonight, I called Loren and informed him, "Hey, that black guy from Star Trek: The Next Generation is here."

Loren, ever the Trekkie, screamed, "Geordi?! You have to go talk to him!"

"Why? I've never seen the show."

"But...but...but...!" Loren pleaded.

And I've never seen Roots or Reading Rainbow either, so the only genuine thing that could come out of my mouth would've been something distasteful like, "Hey, you're that black guy from Star Trek: The Next Generation!" And then I would've walked away shamefully, as he shook his head in disdain.

EWP staples like the always reliable Amy Hill, Alec Mapa, and George Takei were there, but it was fun seeing people like that black guy from Star Trek: The Next Generation and American Idol's Randy Jackson. (FYI: Roots is now in my Netflix queue, people! Jeez!)

Honored with fabulous awards tonight were Dancing With the Stars' Carrie Ann Inaba, playwright Velina Hasu Houston (with the same award I won a couple years ago), and the winners of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew, JabbaWockeeZ. Those boys wowed me. Do you know them? Do:

...With special thanks to Edward G., whose magical powers transported me to the event in the first place.


  1. Why don't you TAKE me to these things???

  2. too bad "the black guy from the police academy movies who makes funny sounds with his mouth" wasn't there!

    in related news : apparently your black readership is at 0%!

    can i get a what what?

  3. I would've loved to see the black dude from Star Trek TNG!!! Was the black dude from Revenge of the Nerds there too?

  4. Oh, Jonny, if I had know beforehand....

    Michael, apparently my blog has no soul!

    Row, get in line! :)