Arm Yourself With a Weed Whacker

I didn't know much about the new horror movie, The Ruins, before going to see it this afternoon. All I knew was that a bunch of probably uninteresting American tourists were going to be terrorized by deadly creatures. And who doesn't enjoy watching that?

Well, let me be the first to reveal to you that the film's deadly creatures are...killer plants! Wait, wait. Stop laughing. I'm not joking. The movie's young stars go head to head against...killer plants! No, no. Really. Stop laughing. I'm not making that up. The flowers and vines are pure evil! Yup, that's right. Our American heroes stumble upon ancient ruins that are overrun by...killer plants! All right. Stop laughing already:


  1. Water? Check.

    Mosquito spray? Check.

    Now we have to remember weedkiller, too.

    This is why I never go anywhere.

    (Including the movies.)

  2. DAMN!

    after seeing 'mansquito' on the scifi channel a few years ago, the fmdkids and i came up with a killer (get it, killer?) plot for a film about chrysanthemums that were genetically treated and their pollen inhaled by a man, creating...


    i swear it!

    well, i can tear up that treatment.

  3. We're long overdue for a good killer plant movie. Little Mayan Pyramid of Horrors, here I come.