Badass Glasses

Oh my god, I don't think I ever showed you my new eyeglasses!

Since my glasses are so tied into my very identity and since they are the very things that give me my superpowers (you should see what I could do with a cucumber!), I spent many days a few months ago searching for the perfect pair and agonizing over my narrowed-down choices.

I finally selected frames made by Chrome Hearts in a style called "Cooze." These glasses probably cost more than your car. Seriously (click to enlarge):

Behold the enticing description:

Chrome Hearts utilizes a combination of Japanese and Italian Zyl to make this laminated black and baby pink handmade acetate frame. And to finish this piece of "optical jewelry" are .925 sterling silver hinge accents with a cross motif laser etched detail. For the final detail is a laser etched laminated pink cross on the temples ends. The exquisite Japanese craftsmanship is unmistakable.

Yes, my new glasses are badass, and you wish you were me. (Although maybe you can do amazing things with a cucumber too.)


  1. Umm, Cooze?! Seriously?!

    Does that company not have Google?

  2. Wow. Thanks to Bamboo Nation, I now know what 'Zyl'(Zylonite) is.
    I am torn between wanting to taunt you for the beautiful baby pink inside of the acetate frame (like, who's going to see it?)and feeling cultural pride over "exquisite Japanese craftsmanship."

  3. I am jealous of your glasses, and understand the importance of making such a selection, because I don't know how much more wrapped up in my identity my own glasses could possibly be. Last time I had to make an emergency glasses order, I was flabbergasted at how close I got to exactly the same frame of the glasses that had broke.

    I love the pink inside the black-

  4. Man I wish I have those glasses. Its sooo sleek and badass. So Not you. =p

  5. i have a pair sorta like that.

    they are red and black.

    i use them to read... and i bought them at target for $1

  6. I love you, Prince Gomolvilas! Did the company give you a free pair of glasses in exchange for you mentioning their glasses on your site? Just curious. It seems out of character for you. P.S. You can put any part of YOUR body in my mouth! Who will stalk the stalker? I will.

  7. WILLIAM, I heart stalkers!

  8. Anonymous5/13/2008

    I just got the "Edith"...the deep chocolate (almost, but not quite black) with an off-white flipside.

    I can't wait to get them on my kisser...the envy I'll inspire!!!

  9. Those are awesome!
    I love glasses hunting, its like you get to try on a new identity, how fun is that!