Bitch, Please, Part 2

Oh, so now his staff is after me.

First of all, that Ben Sherman shirt has gotten me more man ass than Zac Efron at a Bel Ami pajama party.

Secondly, you started it. ("This guy is an idiot.")

Third, this is a separate issue, but.... When you obviously lift content off my blog to use on your own site, blogging etiquette says you should credit the source—namely, methe way I credited the blogger I found the content from.

Finally, I will be the bigger man and say that I'm willing to kiss and make up. But first.... Retract! Retract! Retract!

The ball's in your court, New York.

(To new Bamboo Nation readers: As you have maybe discerned, this blog is shamelessly self-referential. For your benefit, perhaps it's time to revisit my now-famous post, "Gay Gay Gay Gay Gaaaaaaaaaay; Or, The 'Gay' Reclamation Project." Please note that you don't have to agree with everything on this blog; you just have to understand. In fact, what's so funny 'bout peace, love, and understanding?)

(Oh, my god, how did Prince do it?! How is it that even the video clip he posted is self-referential?! Craziness!)

(Lest we forget what we first came here for, here's a reminder.... Retract! Retract! Retract!)


  1. TREY CRUZ4/12/2008

    Sweetheart, the way I use "idiot" is the same way I view your use of "gay". xoxo, but no retraction.

  2. I love that you're called a "haughty man."

    And really, Prince, cut Trey Cruz some slack! He WORKS REALLY HARD. He goes to school! He keeps a blog! He's a hard worker!

  3. AND "he's a decent looking guy to boot" (apparently, that is of some consequence), so, YEAH, cut him some slack, Jack, cuz I sure feel like booting a decent looking guy!

    I would also be proud--PROUD, I tell you!--to also wear "a horric knock off of a PowerPoint template, button up plaid shirt" . . . just as soon as I figure out what the hell 'horric' means.

  4. Go easy on Trey. He (and his staff) doesn't seem so much shameful as he is unable to discern literary tone...that, and he can't handle disdain.

    And I don't see how you can call any truce when the last sentence of the article is "Dick." I love fights, especially when they're not about anything!

  5. I recommend showing off the Ben Sherman shoes. Those babies will cow ANYONE into awed submission.

    In fact, maybe you can work them into a Pork Chop video!

  6. Lucky for you there are plenty of readers who can discern tone and sarcasm.

    I'm reminded of a saying: Those who can't do...teach.

    Maybe we can add a variation of it: those who come up with their own blog content...pick fights.

    Or, perhaps all this fighting is actually misguided maybe you should be flattered??

  7. Alex G.4/13/2008

    To the dear Mr. Howard Ho -

    He and his staff doesn't?

    Apparently you can't discern the need for Hooked on Phonics, but I digress.

    I stand by my employer, there can be make up, but retractions...I can't help you there. That's in his court. =)

  8. I have a Ben Sherman suit! It gets me man ass too.

    New reader, thanks to HateSexy, and thoroughly LOVIN' you.

  9. Brash Lion, welcome! Ben Sherman rocks my world. I even have a Ben Sherman laptop case!

  10. Apparently they also can't discern the use of parentheses...and this whole discussion has been a digression so same difference.