Bitch, Please

Apparently, I can't post anything about High School Musical without causing people's panties to bunch up into their ass cracks. Take this blogger, for example, who seems to have it out for me, just mere hours after I wrote my recent "There Will Be Gay" post.

From his confusing entry, I am unable to tell which Prince-hating camp he falls into: (1) people who hate me because they think I'm a straight guy who viciously attacks gays, or (2) people who hate me because they think I'm a gay guy who is smearing his own kind and baiting gay bashers. Boy, it goes to show you the importance of context in any situation, as well as a well-honed sense of satire and basic reading comprehension skills.

For the record, Prince (a name forced upon him by a white teacher when he was five, by the way) has sucked more cock than Barbra Streisand and loves High School Musical so much that he feels that it is within his right to pen satirical articles about it. You know how some people can make fun of boy bands or the 80s or the Osmonds or Amercian Idol, but love those things anyway? This is like that. Get it?!

"Fag-curious?" "Gay much?" Yes and yes, and I can shove a cucumber further up my ass than you can.

(Oh my god, I just discovered that the aforementioned blogger is an Asian brother! Not only that, I think he's also Thai—at the very least, Southeast Asian! How could you attack a brother?! My grandparents probably know your grandparents! Shame on you! Gay Asian Shame! Retract! Retract!)


  1. Wow, the English on that was so great I'm almost tempted to blame it on a free online translator. That's what French and Spanish look like when I'm done with them. Anyway, I posted a comment asking him to clarify, because you're right, he didn't say exactly what he was upset about, just called you Princess and gay. Which are both true, so I don't see the sting in it. Oh well, perhaps that's just me. I'll be closely following to see what gets posted in reply.

  2. Meh. Gay Thai(?) tool.

  3. I repeat...Gay Asian Shame! Gay Asian Shame! :)

  4. Too, too funny.

    Speaking of gayer-than-thou free for alls, I hope you're finding the time to waste on Step It Up and Dance. Talk about a guilty pleasure...

  5. I too found his post confusing.

    Just goes to show, some people will just start blasting away at people without doing their homework. I don't think he understood how you were using the word 'gay'.

    Add him to the list:
    *Neil LaBute
    *HSM tweens who misunderstand your love for HSM and your use of the word 'gay'
    *& this guy

  6. I know, I love HSM enough that I stole my older daughter's East High School t-shirt and wore it hoping I would get called out by someone in the know. I mean, it features gold glitter, clearly not a real high school tee.

    You satirize as you're singing along. I feel the love.

  7. Best comment: "I could tell he’s gay from the shirt he’s wearing on his site."

  8. Mead, oh, you are TRASHY!

    Marisela, thanks for keeping tabs for me.

    Mead, if you don't know Marisela's work, you SHOULD!

    Lap, I expect you in the theater opening night of HSM3.

    Diablo, oh SNAP!