Cat Litter Cake

You thought those penis cakes were tacky. How about this tranny-fabulous Cat Litter Cake?! Yes, folks, it's a yummy treat that looks like a freshly dumped-in box of kitty litter! All it takes is some Nilla Wafers, Tootsie Rolls, frosting, and a hammer. Yes, I said "hammer."

Statuesque Andrea James, who appears on the cable reality show Transamerican Love Story and pops up in the short film I'm in, Laundromat, shows you how to make this delicious dessert with a series of informative pictures. Enjoy it quick! It won't last long when your grubby little friends are over!


  1. Ha ha! I wrestled in fake kitty litter and poop, once, as a contestant on The Grudge Match game show, in the early 90's (it was actually chopped up nuts and large Tootsie Rolls).

  2. This is awesome. And it looks way easier to make than those train- and hamburger-shaped cakes on the covers of the magazines my mom used to buy.

  3. it's gross, but, tasty.

    the cake, not cat litter...although, my dogs always preferred the real thing.