A Few Words About "Prom Night"

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Sunday, April 13, 2008
Oh, great, the only two black students at Bridgeport High School get bestowed with the honor of prom king and prom queen—and then prom gets CANCELLED! Sure, it's because a homicidal killer is on the loose, but STILL. This racial injustice should not be tolerated. Protest! Protest! Protest! Boycott! Boycott! Boycott!

(If you cannot discern the satirical tone of this post, stop reading this blog now. This is for your own protection. Please don't write to me. Turn on Blue's Clues and chillax, bro.)
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  1. mr jp Said,

    forget black, what about ASIAN??


  2. michael_karo Said,

    haven't watched B's C's since steve left...*sigh*


  3. MR. JP, you're lucky to have ANY minorities in that movie. Celebrate!

    MICHAEL, no no no no no! Joe is waaaaay hotter!


  4. silver18 Said,

    Really, children, come on now. Can't we just watch grown up shows like Lost? http://upload.moldova.org/movie/actors/m/matthew_fox/thumbnails/tn2_matthew_fox_3.jpg


  5. silver18 Said,

    Well holy Mary mother of Christ. That didn't work. The link is active, you just have to copy and paste, but I know how lazy everyone is. Oh well.


  6. Jon Hunt Said,

    Have you heard Steve's album, Prince?

    That's a serious question. Its awesome. Get it NOW.


  7. SILVER18, I'd tap that ass.

    JONNY, Steve's alt rock band? Really?! Seriously?!


  8. Quin Browne Said,

    wait, haven't we seen this before?


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