The Filipino Inmates Are Back!

Ah, yes, those hundreds of Filipino prisoners who delighted you with their Thriller dance are back with an amusing rendition of—are your ready for this?!—Laura Branigan's "Gloria." I'm not kidding. Look:

[Thanks to Ricky Cox for posting this.]


  1. Okay, so, admittedly, I'd just gotten back from a friendly wine drinking excursion when I errantly watched this video, but...Holy freaking intensity's awesomeness!
    That makes me excited to be alive, and I can't decide if that's sad or not, but screw it.
    I would've killed to be a fly on the wall of the creative process that created this beautiful expression of unironic disco glory.
    Also, this makes me think of a moment in the film Barraka, when a PINW (pre-industrial, non-western) society was engaged in this wild back and forth chant/dance that was just as intense and life affirming, but without, of course, the incarceration. I think there's a connection in that association, but I'll leave that for someone else.

  2. Why was that man with the microphone crying?

  3. TBDA, ha ha, I'm glad it brought you such joy! Man, you're easy. I love it!

    Superbadfriend, according to the YouTube explanation:

    This is a protest dance by the dancing inmates on Jun Lozada comments on the inmates beloved Cardinal Vidal when he called the Cardinal the "Archbishop of the Palace" and His Lady companion called the Cardinal "a Congressman in a cassock" The dancing inmates feel that these comments is unfair and unjust vilification of the archdiocese of Cebu, Cardinal Vidal whom they regard so highly.