I Knew Pork Chop When

Our beloved Pork Chop made it into this week's Entertainment Weekly (with Tina Fey on the cover) via Diablo Cody's back-page column! Click the scanned article for a larger view.

I am heartened that Mr. Chop is receiving some online love, as well, from commenters on Diablo's latest blog entry. Incidentally, she reveals how we got our hands on that pesky Oscar in the first place in a previous post. (That's like spilling a magician's secrets!)

I can attest to the coolness of blog commenters because some of my readers have unleashed their wrath upon a certain previously mentioned blogger who needed an HSM-sized dose of reality. It seems like he's backing down a bit. Just a bit. Hey, when you declare a "catfight," I'm not just going to sit in my kitty litter and stare. I'm going to do things like get Pork Chop to come sit on you.


  1. Wait--the best response to Diablo Cody's posting of Pork Chop's latest youtube video on her blog was from a guy named Pokai:

    "Is he an Asian Pee-Wee Herman look alike?"


  2. I think my favorite part of her little bit on Pork Chop was calling him a "comically obese tabby."

    I automatically thought of some kind of '50s-ish sitcom with lots of "uh oh" music and pratfalls and double takes. Love!

  3. Nice to see Pork Chop gettin' a shout out.

    When do we get to find out what Pork Chop does with the Oscar?

  4. Peter V., Diana, thanks.

    Peter H., Pork Chop only makes videos when HE feels like making videos. He has no desire to please the public. So who knows when the next episode will be....