I'm Two Degrees From Joe!; or: Steve vs. Joe, Part 3

[This is Part 3 in a series. Here's "Steve vs. Joe, Part 1" and "Steve vs. Joe, Part 2."]

In a shocking Bamboo Nation twist, I have discovered that I am just two degrees removed from Donovan Patton—Joe from Blue's Clues! My Jukebox Stories collaborator, Brandon Patton (no relation), wrote this in the comments section of my original Blue's Clues post:

I must stick up for my fellow Patton and scream to the mountain tops that Joe is the best! (Although I've never seen a single episode. But I was in theAtrainplays with Donovan Patton in New York. He's good people. He had to sing one of my musical numbers. Go, Joe!)

Holy crap! Brandon and Joe have hung out together! Brandon knows what Joe smells like! (I'm sure he smells like sugar and lollipops.) I told you I would soon be connected to Joe! Why didn't you believe me two days ago?! Why?!

Well, at least you, dear readers, have helped to get Joe's poll numbers up to a respectable level, so it won't be completely embarrassing when he eventually reads this blog:

That 22 percent jump for Joe is much appreciated. Now I won't have to go cut my arms with razor blades out of abject shame.

Once again, for those of you who have not taken The Most Important Poll in Bamboo Nation History, here you go:

Hey, Joe (I refuse to call you Donovan Patton), will you agree to an interview for the benefit of Bamboo Nation readers? I assure you that I will receive no benefit at all from it—it's not like I'm a stalker or anything. I'm not. No, really. I'm not. Really.

(No comments here. Go to my original Blue's Clues post to write your comments and continue the debate.)