Mad Props, Against Me!

Last year, my boy Ben Lee discovered and loved Against Me!'s new album, New Wave, so much that he covered the entire record from beginning to end and made the MP3s available for free on his website. His folksy take on Against Me!'s punk rage was rather charming, and it was a unique if unusual way for one artist to pay homage to another. I mean, I've admired artists so much that I've wanted to be them, but this seemed like wish fulfillment taken to its illogical extreme.

Ben's terrific cover versions eventually led me to Against Me!'s original CD, of course, and, after I bought it, I too could not stop listening to it. New Wave has all the street cred of punk, the sweet melodies of pop, and lyrics that soar in their anger, heart, and cleverness. I mean, the album begins with these sharp lines about the very industry that wooed them onto a major label:

We can control the medium
We can control the context of presentation
Is there anybody on the receiving end
Reaching out for some kind of connection

The whole album is remarkable, but, if you must just check out a few tracks, listen to "Borne on the FM Waves of the Heart," "New Wave," and "Thrash Unreal," which also boasts a pretty cool music video, provided here for your viewing and listening pleasure:

The boys will be on the Warped Tour this year, and I am so there. So. (But no mosh pit for me. I mean, I'm small. I could die.)

(And for those of you who think I have no street cred when it comes to music because of my continued public dissertations on boy bands and who still rely on the voice of the critic, I am not alone in my praise. So there.)

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  1. Good Stuff. I'd never heard of them.